Below are quotes and testimonials of current and past
participants in the CALERIE study. To find out how you,
too, can become a CALERIE participant, click here.

Ray - CALERIE Phase I
“I was mainly interested in this study to learn how to eat better and improve my diet. I want to gain as much dietary and exercise information as possible from the Pennington Center staff. I hope to improve my overall health and lower my risk for age-related diseases like diabetes and cardiovascular disease.”

Scott - CALERIE Phase I

" I am truly enjoying being a part of the CALERIE study. I am learning more every week. I suspect, at the end of the study, I will have lost some weight through behavior modification over time. Most importantly, I will be armed with a wealth of information about foods, diet and the ability to make better educated choices."

Cecile- CALERIE Phase I

"The primary motivator that drove me to participate in the CALERIE study was the invaluable first-hand knowledge that I would gain with respect to nutritional education, body composition, metabolism and research.   I thought this would be an ideal experience for me as I complete my studies at LSU in dietetics."  

Patti - CALERIE Phase I
"Turning 40, I wanted to stop the weight gain trend. Obviously, I wanted to lose weight (while making money). I have lost 15 pounds, and I feel great!! I have learned to look at food and calculate calories. I feel one step ahead of the general public in keeping fit, healthy, and knowing what I'm eating, and what it will do to my body."

When asked if she felt that the research staff is supportive/dedicated to their research and to her progress:
"Very much so. I have needed lots of support being on an 800 calorie diet. Someone asks me every day how I am doing, and will follow up if I am having a bad day. I couldn't have done it without their support (especially Jennifer in the kitchen).

Guillermo - CALERIE Phase I
"I decided to join the study to lose weight"
Kelly - CALERIE Phase I
On what made her decide to join the study and what she hopes to accomplish:
"The status of my whole being, at least physically."

Audrey - CALERIE Phase I

"I already knew how to eat healthy, but I was very undisciplined.  Pennington has helped me stick to it. 

Emile- CALERIE Phase I

"I am approaching 50 and I want to make sure I'll be in great shape for the next 50 years." 

Keith - CALERIE Phase I

"I joined the study to gain knowledge of diet and of my own physical condition.  I also have a curiousity of the study results.  The research staff has been very supportive.  The doctors and nurses have all been very supportive and accomodating." 

Robert - CALERIE Phase I

"I joined the study to lose a few pounds."

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